For those seeking relax, enchanting sea, friendly and nice people and amazing food

Botuto - A very large species of edible sea snail, a gastropod mollusk - Posada Macondo, Los Roques, Venezuela

At only 100 meters from the Caribbean sea, Posada Macondo it’s on the main street of the Gran Roque island, in a fresh and windy zone.

It has six comfortable and pleasant rooms with private bathroom, celing fan and conditioned air. The showers are supplied of warm water. The furnishing has a simple but warm style. The rooms are cleaned everyday with particular attention.

small and cosy terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or relax on a hammock.

In the big room there’s a relaxation area and the lunch area where our guests can have a meal all togheter. The cooking has a big range of dishes, from starters (appetizers) to desserts.

The main dish is the fish, fished and cooked following the local traditions. In some periods of the year it’s also possible to eat the freshest lobsters. And if you’d like to have a good italian pasta dish, you won’t never be disappointed!

Sea shells, sea stars, botutos - Holidays Los Roques Archipelago with Posada Macondo, Venezuela

He asked what city it was and they answered him with a name that he had never heard, that had no meaning at all, but that had a supernatural echo in his dream: Macondo.

One Hundred Years of Solitude · Gabriel García Márquez.