Posada Macondo - The beginning...

It all began when my sister and her husband, returning from their honeymoon, described a dream island where time seemed to stand still: Los Roques.

At the time we were considering leaving Italy so we decided to look into this magical place. To be precise, two of our friends visited the island in October 2004. They fell in love with the place and would always talk about leaving to change their lives…

While on holiday they had collected some information regarding the Posadas for sale, so we quickly realised our dream was a possibility.

On a beautiful day in May 2005 I left for Caracas to sign the preliminary agreement. Shortly after arriving on the island I was faced with my new reality, having not visited the island previously, like buying a pig in a poke.

My first thought was to run home, but then I discovered and realise that Los Roques is the paradise.

After passing 12 days in paradise we had already begun imagining the day we could relocate.

Time passed… Awaiting August seemed so long but the 15th arrived and we flew out to our new home, which now, is also your home.

At the start we did little work but with much effort and commitment. Many days passed in this way until October when, not without problems, our true adventure began.
Sonia & Ale.

P.S. We thank in advance all those who will take part to the MACONDO adventure. For flying and discovering Los Roques with Posada Macondo.

Our kind staff

Macaw - A sample of the beautiful nature of the Los Roques archipelago - Vacations and holidays with Posada Macondo