The breathtaking underwater world of Los Roques

  • LA GUASA – Depth of 35 meters – visibility 15 to 27 meters – many types of corals, black coral, many fishes.
  • DOS MOSQUISES – Vertical wall with a depth of 43 meters – visibility 8 to 28 meters – vast coral formations, lobsters and marine turtles.
  • LA SALINA – Depth of 32 meters – visibility 15/45 meters – strong currents – exciting diving: vertical walls, grottos filled with colored sponges, big black coral formations, pelagic fish, sharks and rays.
  • MORRITO β€“ Depth 18 meters – visibility 15/20 meters – Simple and very safe dive, without current, often used for refreshing. Presence of a wreck of a sailing ship.
  • BOCA DE COTE – Many places for diving – wall with a depth of 42 meters; best point at 15/18 meters – visibility 15/45 meters – many coral of every type, reef fishes, marine turtles, sharks, pelagic fishes.
  • LA BUCEADORA – Grotto with shellfishes, sponges, depth of 23 meters with visibility of 25/30 meters.
  • SEBASTOPOL – Depth of 22 meters – visibility 25 meters – many types of fishes, good chances to see sharks and manta ray fishes.
  • MADRISQUÍ – Depth of 15 meters – visibility 20 meters – a garden of corals, perfect for macro photography – pelagic fishes.
  • AHOGADA – Depth of 22 meters – visibility 20 meters – moderate currents – corals, pelagic fishes.
  • SÁBALO – Depth of 20 meters – visibility 20 meters – moderate currents – corals, pelagic fishes, good chances to see sharks and sabalo fishes.

There are other dive spots, but the ones listed are the main ones.

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