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Los Roques archipelago is the largest coral atoll in the Caribbean and lies 160km north of Caracas, Venezuela. Made up of around 350 islands surrounded by a large and magnificent coral reef in calm, crystal clear water.

The archipelago is characterised by pure and white beaches which stretch out as far as the eye can see forming a beautiful game of colours with the multicoloured sea.

Los Roques was declared a National park in 1972 due to its beauty and ecological importance. Home to many bird types including the flamingo, pelican, seagull, gannet and frigate bird. The sea here hosts a variety of fish and sea turtles all making a real biological paradise.

It is forbidden to build hotels here as to protect environmental integrity therefore has not yet become a victim of mass tourism. Gran Roque is the only island here. All others are unpolluted landscapes accessible only by boat.

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