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The underwater world of Los Roques

Here at Macondo we have a deep relationship with the diving center "ARRECIFE DIVING (A.D.)". The A.D. is a high qualified S.S.I. and PADI center who is present since several years in the archipelago. All the instructors and collaborators are professionally perfectly prepared. In time we have had many confirmations about their professionality, thanks to te satisfaction that our customers showed us. Both the equipments and the ships are kept in a perfect state by the A.D. staff. The range of courses and services that A.D. can offer let the center create personalized offers. Besides the sub equipments, A.D. has also snorkelling equipments so that snorkelling excursions can be arranged.

For those who would like to try for the first time the emotion of diving, we can organise a test diving called "Try Scuba". After a short course to teach the basic diving techniques, an instructor will guide you step by step through your first journey into the underwater world of Los Roques.

It's also possible to get the "Open Water" diver certificate or superior levels, all worldwide recognized certificates.

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  • LA GUASA – depth of 35 meters - visibility 15 to 27 meters – many types of corals, black coral, many fishes.
  • DOS MOSQUISES – vertical wall with a depth of 43 meters – visibility 8 to 28 meters - vast coral formations, lobsters, turtles.
  • PUNTA SALINA – depth of 32 meters – visibility 15/45 meters - strong currents - exciting diving: vertical walls, grottos filled with colored sponges and big black coral formations.
  • VESPEN DE LA SALINA – vertical wall with a depth of 40 meters – visibility 20 to 35 meters - sometimes strong currents, pelagic fish, sharks and ray fishes.
  • BOCA DE COTE – many places for diving – wall with a depth of 42 meters; best point at 15/18 meters – visibility 15/45 meters - many coral of every type, reef fishes, turtles, sharks, pelagic fishes.
  • LA BUCEADORA – grotto with shellfishes, sponges, depth of 23 meters with visibility of 25/30 meters.
  • SEBASTOPOL – depth of 22 meters – visibility 25 meters – many types of fishes, good chances to see sharks and manta ray fishes.
  • BUCHYIACO – depth of 18 meters – visibility 25 meters – many types of fishes, good chances to see sharks, manta ray fishes and turtles.
  • NORONQUI – a maze made of coral formations with many types of fishes.
  • MADRISQUI’ – depth of 15 meters - visibility 20 meters – a garden of corals, perfect for macro photography – pelagic fishes.
  • AOGADA – depth of 22 meters – visibility 20 meters – moderate currents – corals, pelagic fishes.
  • SABALO – depth of 20 meters – visibility 20 meters – moderate currents – corals, pelagic fishes, good chances to see sharks and sabalo fishes.

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